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For a translation to be accurate and reflect the client’s objectives, the translator must not only be experienced and specialises in subjects, but must translate only into his/her mother tongue.

TranslatorThe client would have spent time, money and probably appointed a copy writer in order to have their text perfected and ready to hand to the translation company. There will be certain meanings that the client needs to be specifically included to achieve his objectives.

This can be tricky, because what is said in a source language may not have the same meaning in the target language. It is at this time when the translator can prove their ability, intelligence and experience to keep the original meaning of the client’s specially written text.

We have worked for private and government sectors, including the Law Society, The National Health Service, Police Forces, and hundreds of other organisations. This has often involved the translation into various languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Greek etc.

That is why we have translated for world famous companies such as Rolls Royce, British Airways, International banks, various Government departments and manufactures world wide etc.

We have undertaken projects from business cards to manuals and brochures providing both a comprehensive translation service and a full typesetting service.

Our Translators only translate into their mother tongue, and subjects they know best...

Lingua Graphics has been providing translation and typesetting services since 1977.

During this time we have acquired a data base of many hundreds of translators.  Every translator is professionally qualified, experienced and a specialist in particular subjects whether it is medical, financial,Dictioneries technical or legal we have a specialist translator that will meet your needs.  All our translators only ever translated into their mother tongue in order that the text will be consistent