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The art of translating at Arabic Graphics

August 27, 2019
Translating a document into Arabic or other languages requires not just translation experience, it requires speciality in the subject and knowledge about the country where the translation will be used. These extra bits can only come from communicating with the client, discussing and creating a brief and timescale for the project, together. Working closely with the client is very important for the project.

These elements are a must to achieve high quality translation for the client because after all ‘they are relying on the translator to provide high quality translation for their objective to succeed’.

Arabic translation is an art, our Arabic translators are chosen to fit the criteria set by us to meet all the elements mentioned above. Once the translation has been completed, we check it and proofread it before it is passed to our Typesetting Department (if typesetting is required). If the client is asking for translation only, we will make sure that it is formatted very similar to the source language/English. This will help our client to know which paragraph in Arabic matches the source paragraph in English.
The client may want us to get the documents certified as true and accurate translation, notarised or legalised by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.

We can provide all these services in one stop to save the client time and money. After all our company was established in 1977 and has not stopped since. We have actually grown to provide not just Arabic language but all other languages. This is due to some clients being extremely happy with our Arabic translation to the point they want us to translate their documents into other languages when needed.

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